Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) imports approximately two-thirds of its overall food needs. The market for processed foods focuses mainly on value rather than quality, as consumers seek to extend their buying power. Food import tariffs are low compared to the tariffs in other countries in the region. Challenges to exporters include a complicated dual system of government authorities, low incomes, and poor infrastructure.

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Seafood Expo Global
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Fruit Logistica
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Reports for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Best High-Value Products Prospects (Million USD)

Product Category Market Size 2015 Imports Average Annual Import Growth (2010-2015) Import Tariff Rate Key Constraints to Market Development Market Attractiveness for USA
Beer 1,900,000 hectoliters (est.) 83 2.3% View Breweries producing more than 400,000 hl annually pay higher excise tax (US $0.25/liter ) Traditional high consumption, demand and consumption should continue to grow
Beverages and Mineral Water N/A 80.3 3.3% View Competition from key suppliers such as Croatia and Serbia N/A
Chocolate N/A 76.0 2.2% View Competition from key European companies Negligible local production
Biscuits and Cookies N/A 66.1 1.8% View None N/A
Coffee 20,000 MT 54.4 9.% View None Traditionally high consumption
Cheese 40,000 MT 33.5 4.4% View Competition from key European suppliers Insufficient local production and growing demand
Sauces and Spices N/A 25.9 2.7 % View None Insufficient local production
Citrus Fruit N/A 20.7 3.2% View Competition from Key suppliers: Greece, Italy and Turkey Insufficient local production and growing demand
Ice Cream 2,500 MT (est.) 11.6 7.6% View Competition from key suppliers such as Croatia BiH has limited domestic production
Tree Nuts 10.3 MT 8.3 8.8% View Competition from key suppliers (i.e. Romania, Italy and Iran), and most economic supply preferred even if lower quality Insufficient local production