Greece imports significantly more food and beverages than it exports and is reliant on imports to meet the demands of Greek consumers for food products. Greek agricultural product exports increased 14 percent during the first half of 2015, compared to the same period last year. The value of exports reached €2.5 billion (€2.2 billion in 2014). Olive oil exports totaled €408 million (€129 million in 2014), accounting for 3.2 percent of total Greek product exports in value terms. Products with good sales potential include cheese, meat, alcoholic beverages, organic foods, dairy products, some exotic/counter seasonal fruits, planting seeds, feed, tree nuts, and non-GMO food ingredients for the domestic food processing and confectionery/ice cream sectors.

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Reports for Greece

The Best High-Value Products Prospects (Million USD)

Product Category Total Greek Imports in 2015 Greek Imports From the U.S. in 2015

Average Annual U.S. Import Growth   (Last 5 yrs.)

Key Constraints to Market Development Market Attractiveness for USA
Tree Nuts 135 30.8 +15.8% Domestic & EU competition, Turkey and India Greeks consume more tree nuts than other nationalities. Ingredient of traditional pastries
Hides & Skins 70 6.6 -56.8% The furs market shrink due to the Russian embargo. Competition from Canada, Finland and Denmark U.S. Mink Furskins are highly appreciated
Fish and Seafood 430 3.3 -30% Domestic competition Salmon is gaining popularity
Soybean Meal 154 8.7 +64.2% Competition from Argentina & India, GE products imports prohibited Livestock feed are import dependent
Distilled Spirits 190 6.9 -4.1% Domestic & EU competition Tourism had record year in 2015
Forest Products 310 4.9 -15.5% Competition from EU and China. Construction trend is low U.S. Hardwood quality is well accepted