Poland is the largest country within Central and Eastern Europe. As a country with a population of nearly 40 million people it constitutes an attractive market for agri-food products from the United States. In 2015 Poland imported agricultural and fish products worth U.S. $20 billion with U.S. sourced imports worth U.S. $471 million. Products from the U.S. that have good sales potential on the Polish market include: nuts, fish and seafood products, dry fruit, highly processed and functional ingredients.

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Reports for Poland

The Best High-Value Products Prospects:

 Fish and Seafood: salmon, lobster and other miscellaneous fish products

 Nuts: almonds, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts

 Wine

 Distilled Spirits

 Highly processed ingredients: protein concentrates dextrin, peptones, enzymes, lecithin

 Dried & Processed Fruit: cranberries, prunes

 Fruit juice concentrates: Cranberry, prune

 Organic products

Products not present in significant quantities, but which have good sales potential

 High quality spices and mixes (tex-mex)

 Beef: Hormone-free beef

 Ingredients for the natural and healthy foods industry

 Dairy products (whey)

 Vegetable fats for bakery industry

Products not present because they face significant boundaries

 Food additives not approved by the European Commission