Demand for food products served as an anchor for the Ukrainian economy in 2016. On-going political and economic crisis resulted in general economic slowdown in 2013-15. The population’s real disposable incomes were undermined by currency devaluation resulting in food consumption drop. Although, some signs of economic stabilization and food product import increases are observed in 2016. Potential exporters are advised to secure an experienced Ukrainian partner with established contacts who is capable of navigating the obstacles facing imported agricultural products.

U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Covers the countries of Moldova and Ukraine.

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Reports for Ukraine

Best High-Value Products Prospects (US$ Million)

HS Code Product Total Imports 2015 Average Annual Import Growth (last 3 yrs) Import duty Key Constraints to Market Development Market Attractiveness for USA
03 Fish and Seafood 32.5 70% 0-10% Competition with Canada, custom valuation and product classification problems for salmon roe Significant traditional demand for hake and salmon roe that establish the core of US exports
2208 Whisky and Spirit Beverages (Ethyl Alcohol, Undenat, Und 80% Alc) 8.7 10% [3.5€/liter of 100% spirit] Competition with illegally produced local spirits; high import duties and excise taxes Traditional preference to hard liquors over wine and beer; 13.9 liters of spirit annual per capita consumption
0802 Almonds, Fresh Or Dried, In Shell or Shelled 5.1 10.7% 2.5-15% Consumption level, low disposable incomes; competition with Turkey and Georgia Established market share for high-quality product
2309 Animal Feed Prep Except Dog Or Cat Food, Retail Pk 2.7 3.2% 5-9.5% Competition with cheap local feeds or cheap imports from Russia Ukrainians love their pets and do not save on feed; U.S. has stable share in the top market segment
1202 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Not Roasted Or Cooked, Shelled Or Broken 1.1 3.6% 2.50% Competition with India and Argentina; high export price Consistent quality of the product
210120 Tea Or Mate Extracts/Essences/Concentrates & Preps 0.3 0.3% 10% Demand is in testing level Demand is fluent with a lot of consumer experimenting with different teas
020130 Meat Of Bovine Animals, Boneless, Fresh Or Chilled 0.2 0.4% 15% High price of U.S. beef stakes; competition with Brazil and Argentina No consistent local competition exists
210390 Sauces Etc. Mixed Condiments And Seasonings Nesoi 0.5 0.7% 10% Domestic & EU competition, major brewers located in EU U.S. micro-brew beers, generally unique beers with a story.
081090 Fruit Nesoi, Fresh 0.3 0.4% 10% Competition with traditional Azerbaijani imports U.S. have developed a stable market share for pomegranates
180690 Cocoa Preparations, Not In Bulk Form 0.4 0.3% 10% Low incomes, demand is on testing level Market size
2204-05 Wine, From Grape, vermouth and flavored wines 0.2 0.4% [0.3€/liter] - [1.5€/liter] U.S. lost once established market due to incomes drop The market for quality wine from the new world is being formed
2203 Beer made from malt 0.2 0.4% [0.5 €/liter] Low incomes, demand is on testing level Market size