Workshop “Pitching Biorefinery Business Cases”

March 19, 2018 – All day

On March 19, the workshop “Pitching Biorefinery Business Cases” was held.  It was attended by 49 people: 32 representatives of Dutch organizations and 17 representatives of U.S. organizations. The purpose of this third workshop “Pitching Biorefinery Business Cases” was to support transatlantic cooperation in building a biorefinery and creating markets for its biobased products. 

After five introductory presentations, four business cases for a biorefinery were presented and evaluated for commercialization. A selected group of participants provided feedback for commercialization of the technology.  The workshop concluded with possible actions for collaboration by the private sector, academia and governments.  USDA/FAS The Hague, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) and the Dutch Enterprise Agency jointly organized the workshop hosted by the Port of Amsterdam Authority. 

Workshop presentations                                                  Business cases 

1 Presentation Paul Boeding                                             1 Sweetwater Energy

2 Presentation William Orts Bioeconomy                          2 Biobased Delta

3 Presentation Micha Hes PoA                                         3 Avantium

4 Presentation David Babson USDA                                4 Biondoil

5 Presentation Alain Cracau Rabobank