HRI Sector Promotion, Lithuania

May 18, 2017 – All day

U.S. Embassy Lithuania
Akmenų g. 6, Vilnius

FAS/Warsaw teamed up with leading Lithuanian Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional operators to conduct the first U.S. food ingredients promotion for the local HRI sector.  Presentation focused on U.S. beef, fish (salmon and black cod), prunes, almonds, sauces and wines including new to the market items.  Over 80 leading Lithuanian market decision makers attended the presentation gaining detail information on variety, quality and availability of U.S. products.

During September 1-30, 2017 FAS/Warsaw is scheduled to conduct a follow up presentation teaming up with a leading wholesaler and internet operator Assorti – to target nationwide HRI operators in Lithuania.  Promotional literature will accompany all featured U.S. products.  Specific recipes will also be provided to attract medium sized HRI operators to items new to the market such as California prunes. U.S.  Products to be promoted in September include: salmon, cod, beef, barbeque sauces, dried fruit and nuts, wines and bourbon.

Please see below for impressions: