About the U.S. Sustainability Alliance

We are an alliance of U.S. agriculture, fishery and forestry organizations committed to sustainability. As responsible stewards of the earth’s resources, we are dedicated to developing and continuing sustainable practices and improving our operations through ongoing innovation and thoughtful approaches to conservation.

We want the world to know “how we grow” – as good faith participants in the global sustainability effort; as an interdependent family and community of producers; and, most importantly, how we will continue to grow, harvest and produce to meet the world’s need for sustainably produced goods.

Our country has a time-tested sustainability doctrine honed by a legacy of family farms, fishery and forestry operations. We have a commitment to the environment and a deep determination to continuously improve. And, our philosophy is codified and underpinned by a century of environmental regulation.

As farmers, fisherman and foresters, we know we must never stop innovating, because each day brings the opportunity to raise standards.

We must depend on our ethical gatekeepers – the robust framework of committed organizations that question, evaluate and verify our sustainable practices.

And, we believe our efforts will thrive on transparency and communication. Our very first challenge is to begin a sustainable dialogue with people around the world who share our goals.

We’re excited to express our values and establish ourselves as committed participants in what is arguably our greatest global challenge.

The U.S. Sustainability Commitment

We are deeply invested in stewardship of the land and water because the earth is our legacy.

We believe being sustainable is not a steady state; it is a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

There is no greater motivation to protect our natural resources than our personal duty to posterity, and our belief that these principles lead to commercial success and economic prosperity.

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