Bulgaria is growing economically and is a stable European Union (EU) member. It is broadly recognized as an important gateway into the wider EU market for agricultural products due to its political and financial stability, as well as its developing agriculture sector and infrastructure. EU membership significant affected Bulgaria’s trade in food and agricultural. Although earlier opportunities for U.S. exporters have all but disappeared (poultry), others have expanded. In general, Bulgarian imports of agricultural products and food from the United States will increasingly resemble U.S. exports to other EU markets and become more consumer-oriented and high-value.

With great pleasure we introduce a short video that we called “Diplomacy in the Kitchen” with the participation of the U.S. Embassy’s Agricultural Attaché Jonn Slette in partnership with the HRC Culinary Academy in Sofia’s Head Chef Henry Donneaux. In this video you will find very interesting and useful information on how to prepare delicious meals with American products such as whiskey, wine, beef, fish, nuts, and dried fruits. We hope you will enjoy this culinary journey and will try to cook these recipes at home. We wish you Bon Appetite!

U.S. Embassy Sofia proudly presents: Diplomacy in the Kitchen

U.S. Embassy, Warsaw

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