Croatia imports a significant portion of the food it consumes. Croatia’s total imports of consumer foods have steadily grown over the last few years and approached $2 billion in 2016. Flourishing tourism and rebounding consumer demand in urban areas have fueled demand for consumer foods. Trade statistics on U.S. exports of consumer foods to Croatia are severely understated due to transshipment via other EU member states. Demand for medium to high quality consumer foods is expected to rise and Croatia is a potential market for certain U.S. food products, such as seafood, snack foods, pet food, wine, tree nuts, and rice.

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Reports for Croatia

The Best High-Value Products Prospects (Million USD)

Product Category 2016 Imports  Annual Import Growth in value (2011- 2016) Key Constraints to Market Development Market Attractiveness for USA
Pork $210 (87,908 MT) 7% Only companies that are registered exporters of pork for the EU market can supply the Croatian market. Competition from EU companies. Croatian meat processors are importing significant quantities of pork because of the volatile domestic situation. Domestic pig production is cyclical and responds to the price of feed. In addition, sometimes there is a market shortage of products that meet certain quality standards.
Snack Foods (ex. nuts) $214 (58,682MT) 4% Strict biotech legislation and competition from other EU member states and Croatian franchises Growing market.
Fish & Sea Food (products) $128 (36,548MT) 2% Competition from some E.U. seafood exporting Member States. Demand and consumption should pick up again and grow along with tourism over the next several years.
Pet Food (Dog & Cat Food retail) $54 (52,508MT) 2% Competition from European companies and US franchisees in the European Union. Croatia doesn’t produce pet food domestically. Production and usage of these products is expected to grow with an increase in the standard of living.
Beef $81 (20,597MT) 16% Strict EU legislation prohibiting imports from animals treated with growth promotants. High quality beef quota. Croatia does not produce sufficient quantities.
Tree Nuts $22 (3,209MT) 1% Market is price sensitive and must conform to EU certification schemes and quality standards. Croatia does not produce sufficient quantities and quality varies.
Wine $34 (20,990,980 Liters) 9% High transportation costs. Significant competition from EU origin wines. Consumption of quality wines is expected to grow with Croatia’s standard of living.
Rice $10 (11,972MT) -0.8%  Transshipments from other EU member states. Croatia has no domestic production.