In 2017, U.S. agricultural and fish exports to Italy were $1.0 billion, while U.S. imports from Italy reached $4.6 billion.  Italy is a net agricultural importer, and most raw materials and ingredients are imported.  Italy’s economic strength is in the processing and the manufacturing of goods.  Italy exports mainly consumer products to the United States, while the United States exports mostly bulk commodities to Italy.  Italy’s top agricultural trading partners are other EU Member States (MS).  Italy’s top agricultural export market outside the EU is the United States, followed by Japan and Canada.

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Reports for Italy

The Best High-Value Products Prospects (Million USD)

Product Imports from the U.S. in 2016  Average annual import % growth 2012-2016 Key Constraints to Market Development Market Attractiveness for U.S.
Pork Meat 0.9 +44.8% Competition from other EU countries. Increasing domestic consumption.
Beer 2.5 +64.3% Competition from EU countries. Transport costs and time. Although the Italian drinking culture has always been focused on wine, things have been changing recently. The beer market is growing with increased imports, new breweries and pubs where high quality beer is served at reasonable prices.
Soybeans 131 +111.2% Competition from Brazil. Growing demand from the Italian feed industry.
Wine 42.3 +0.1% Competition from Italy and other EU countries. The United States is the fourth largest wine producing country in the world after Italy, France, and Spain. American wines offer great value, with prize-winning vintages at reasonable prices, and are increasingly available in Italy and Europe.
Chocolate 0.2 +60,3% Competition from other EU countries. Growing demand from manufacturers, confectionery and snack industry.