Greece is the seventeenth largest economy in the EU-28, with a population of 10.7 million. Greece imports significantly more food and beverages than it exports and is reliant on imports to meet the demands of Greek consumers for food products.  Greece is strongly receptive to U.S. goods and services.  In 2018, U.S. agricultural exports were valued at approximately $102.8 million, and Greece is ranked 14th out of the EU-28 in terms of importance for U.S. exports. Please see below for top five sectors with good sales potential:

Tree Nuts
In 2018, the United States was the number one supplier of tree nuts (in value and quantity) to Greece.  Most tree nuts are used as ingredients by the food processing sector (ingredient of most traditional pastries). Almonds are the most important commodity within this category.  Greeks consume more tree nuts than other nationalities.  Additional products with good sales potential include walnuts, pistachios, pecans, and hazelnuts.

Fish and Seafood Products
The excellent reputation and reliability of U.S. lobster and salmon help to boost exports.  In Greece, seasonal consumption increased due to record tourism in 2018 and religious traditions.  Fish consumption is growing as consumers associate fishery products with a modern healthy diet.  Best prospects for U.S. fish and seafood exports are squid, smoked and frozen salmon, lobster, shrimp, crab, catfish, scallops, and pollock.

Soybean Meal
Greece is a net importer of soybean and soybean meal, which represent the main ingredients in animal feed.  In 2018, Greece imported 352,020 MT (metric tons) of soybean meal, an increase of 5.9 percent from the previous year, mainly from Argentina (338,574 MT), and the Netherlands (6,329 MT).

Whiskies (Bourbon)
The United States is the third largest supplier to Greece, after the United Kingdom, and Ireland.  Despite a negative growth rate for the sector, U.S. Bourbon exports are on the rise again in 2018.  There are still expectations for good export opportunities for U.S. bourbon.

Forest Products
Greece’s annual logging production is estimated at 756,000 m³, comprised of 634,000 m³ of softwood and 122,000 m³ of hardwood.  Much of the harvested wood is devoted to the manufacture of particleboard or low-grade products, such as pallets.  According to industry estimates, Greece produces around 900,000 m³ of particleboard every year.  In 2018, Greece imported approximately $398 million worth of wood products.  Bulgaria ($87 million), Romania ($39 million), and China ($22 million) were the leading suppliers to the Greek wood market.  Greece imported $7.1 million worth of wood products from the United States, mainly hardwood lumber ($4.3 million), and hardwood veneer sheets ($1.9 million).

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