Romania and its 20 million consumers offer increasingly viable market opportunities for U.S. food and agricultural products.  In 2018, Romania imported $9.0 billion of food and agricultural products, of which two percent, or $182.5 million, were sourced from the United States. Although the U.S. market share remains small, U.S. imports grew by 37 percent in 2018, reaching $182.5 million, up from $148 million in 2017 (direct and indirect imports).

The United States is Romania’s 16th largest agricultural trading partner.  The most significant import categories are meat, grains, protein meals, dairy, edible fruits, and sugar.  Exports consist of grains, seeds, live animals and fats.  Most exports consist of bulk commodities, while imports are typically further processed products.

Romanian importers generally view U.S. suppliers as reliable sources of well-known brands and high-end products. They usually prefer products with at least six months of shelf-life.  Besides the product itself, packaging implies status, and innovation is also an important attribute.  Products that combine these characteristics are more likely to succeed in Romania.  U.S. food categories most often exported to Romania are tree nuts, fish and seafood, and pet food. Products with strong market potential also include groundnuts, wine, distilled spirits, dried fruit, and innovative food processing ingredients.



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