In 2018, Spain imported $2.3 billion in agricultural, seafood and forest products from the United States, a 40 percent increase compared to the previous year.  Impacted by the Eurozone recession, the Spanish economy is likely to lose steam. However, the food service and tourism sectors continue to be the backbone of the Spanish economy.  Despite the expected lower number of tourists, tourist per capita expenditures are rising. In addition, new market dynamics and changing demographics are creating opportunities for non-traditional imports.  This offers opportunities for certain consumer-oriented food items, as well as long-term prospects for other products. The market is especially interesting for U.S. companies who want to export high-value consumer-ready food products to Spain.

Best High-Value, Consumer-Oriented Product Prospects Category

Products Present in the Market with Good Sales Potential

Tree nuts, particularly almonds, walnuts and pistachios; and Peanuts -- Pulses; Rice; Sunflower seeds -- Fish and Seafood, fresh and frozen; Beverages (wine and beer)

 Products Not Present in Significant Quantities with Good Sales Potential

Functional and innovative health food; Free-from products (lactose-free, gluten-free) -- Specialty foods; Snack foods; Nuts e.g. pecans, hazelnuts; Sweet potatoes -- Pork and pork products -- Pet foods

Products Not Present Because They Face Significant Barriers

Red meat and meat preparations (hormone ban) -- Poultry (sanitary procedures - chlorine wash) -- Processed food (with GMO ingredients)

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