Portugal’s population is approximately 10.6 million. Due to a deficit in the trade balance of agricultural and food goods Portugal relies heavily on imports to supply its population. In 2018, Portuguese imports of U.S. agriculture, fish, and forest products leaped 87 percent to $335 million. The positive macroeconomic environment in Portugal’s post-crisis recovery opens new opportunities for U.S. agricultural exporters. Portugal is also an excellent entry point into the EU market. English is widely spoken, the population is friendly toward Americans, and the country has one of the lower commercial cost business environments in Western Europe.

10Consumer-Oriented Products Prospects CategoryProducts Present in the Market That Have Good Sales PotentialTree nuts, particularly almonds, walnuts, and pistachiosPeanutsPulsesPet foodsFish and seafood, fresh and frozenDistilled spiritsProducts Not Present in Significant Quantities With Good Sales PotentialBeverages (wine and beer)Non-alcoholic beverages (excluding juices)High value beef meat (only non-hormone treated cattle)RiceProducts Not Present Because They Face Significant BarriersRed meat and meat preparations (hormone ban)Poultry (sanitary procedures - chlorine wash)Processed food (with GMO ingredients)

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